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  1. Blitza

    Australian Open

  2. Blitza

    HF - Haxball Friends

    + @theBoss
  3. Blitza

    HF - Haxball Friends

    + @Chiriches (Playing as A.Meret)
  4. Blitza

    ATP Master Series

  5. Blitza

    HF - Haxball Friends

    - Vida Atualizado
  6. Blitza

    HF - Haxball Friends

    Change nick Koné to Nash
  7. Blitza

    Discussão Geral - Pre-Season Cup Real Soccer Nice back btw I suggested +15, they wanted +30. After I asked my players I agreed with +30. After goal they trolled and said "which overtime?". In fs you can troll, but in an official match (even if it's just pre season cup.)? If there is a lag you stright move in one direction, but he blocked Ants so it can't be a "lag". Is this what you call "fair play"? Why doesn't he straight go back to field? Does he really have to irritate Arctic? And in the end all the insults. I hope before regular season starts your team learns how to behave, @NIK. It was just a pre season cup match. But in my opinion you should always play fair, if fs, pre season cup or real official. And also be respectful. Somewhere else teams get sanctions if they can't behave normal. Anyways, gg and congrats to win cup. I didn't know where else to post this.
  8. Noma de Equipa: Haxball Friends TAG: HF Pantel: @kgm - Capitao @Arctic - Sub Capitao @Blitza - Sub Capitao @laivo @Vida @Nibali @Spartacus @Ants @SanRoo @Koné @'lεωαиdσωѕкι. ✝ Competições a inscrever: Liga ou Taça Declaro que li e aceito as Regras Gerais do Campeonato de Real Soccer.
  9. Semi FInals BA 0 - 2 HF Arctic - Nibali (2nd half Spartacus) - laivo - Blitza 1:0 1:55 laivo 2:0 5:55 Nibali [laivo] cs: Arctic x2, FWN x1 gg
  10. Blitza

    Pre-Season Real Soccer - Inscrições

    + @Nibali (Shanks)
  11. 3ª Jornada Haxball Friends 2-0 Come Out And Play Jogaram: Arctic - Ants - Laivo - Blitza Golos/Assistências: 16:50 1:0 Laivo [Blitza] 23:50 2:0 Laivo [Ants] CS [Balizas Vazias (1 parte sem sofrer golos = 1 BV)]: Arctic x2 Link do replay do jogo GG @Pablo Aimar
  12. Blitza

    Pre-Season Real Soccer - Inscrições

    Nome da equipa: Haxball Friends (HF) Jogadores: @kgm Capitão @Arctic Sub-Capitão @Blitza Sub-Capitão @laivo @Ants @SanRoo @Spartacus @Koné Link do tópico da equipa:
  13. Confirm Spartacus (Arctic) - kgm - SanRoo - Blitza Golos (assists): Blitza (SanRoo SanRoo (Blitza) gg
  14. Blitza

    HF - Haxball Friends

    + @rafa'
  15. Blitza

    HF - Haxball Friends